GasPur Applications

GasPur for biogas The GasPur modules (H2S removal, separation and drying) can be combined to achieve the biogas quality required by the specific application. Biogas may be used in cogeneration units, as fuel or fed into a gas distribution system. Individual modules, e.g. the Gas Pur H2S removal module, may also complement other gas purification technologies.

GasPur for landfill gas With both, the hydrogen sulphide (H2S) removal module and the drying module (removal of siloxanes), GasPur provides powerful means to improve landfill gas. Accordingly,availbility and useful lifes of cogeneration units and other appliances is enhanced.

GasPur for sewer gas Both, the H2S removal module and the drying module are perfectly suitable to remove H2S and siloxanes from sewer gas. The GasPur H2S removal module is particularly suitable for removing the sometimes substantial H2S-load of industrial sewer gas (e.g. from breweries).

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